May 16, 2011
To improve site performance, Serveriem.LV is coming up with a unique feature, which none of the hosting providers in Latvia support: separate domain for static content (cookie-free domain). This is the way most popular web services, such as youtube, paypal, amazon, yahoo and similar, improve their page load time.
Apr 4, 2011
Serveriem.LV has implemented a unique for Latvia infrastructure: online data synchronization between servers with hot-standby servers ready to take over any minute, should any of the primary systems fail.
Apr 3, 2011
Virtual servers (and their options) get more power for the same price.
Jan 10, 2011
Given that PHP 5.2 is not supported anymore, we are upgrading our servers to PHP 5.3. This version is significantly faster and more secure. On the other hand, there will be no more official updates for PHP 5.2 even in case of critical vulnerabilities.
Oct 18, 2010
Serveriem.LV owner on his birthday has made a present to this page - new look! Hope, You'll like it.
Sep 30, 2010
Serveriem.LV systems have gotten a general performance boost of about 15%, so our already fast hosting have gotten even faster!
Sep 6, 2010
After a month of public testing, it has been concluded, that Serveriem.LV hosting is up to the task! We have improved overall reliability and we are proud with the results.
Aug 2, 2010
Unbelievable FREE Test Drive till 31st of August! Order now - 1GB for free. If you buy a domain from us, 100% of that money can be used as a deposit to pay for our hosting services in the future! Transferring domain to us, will give you 3 LVL deposit to pay for our hosting services in the future!
Aug 2, 2010
Serveriem.LV web page is finally up and running! Everything is ready for your test drive.