Elektronisko pakalpojumu lietošanas noteikumi

Apr 4, 2011

Serveriem.LV first to guarantee webpage availability in Latvia

Serveriem.LV has implemented a unique for Latvia infrastructure: online data synchronization between servers with hot-standby servers ready to take over any minute, should any of the primary systems fail.

Once available to large corporations only, webhosting on server cluster with online disk synchronization is now offered to everyone. Many hosting providers have uninterruptable power supplies, double power lines and internet connections, but they lack redundancy on the most important part - the web server itself, so if that fails, your page will not work. Some of the solution providers choose to have external storage, but in many cases it is also not made redundant.

Serveriem.LV addresses all of these concerns by providing its service on a cluster of servers with online disk synchronization between them, so that in case any component or server fails, the service will continue to be provided from another system. Unlike most providers, we also have an SLA on 100% availability, so in case we fail to fulfill this promise, you will receive a discount starting from the first minute of downtime and upto full monthly fee if your site is down for more than an hour.